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Some notes on the construction.

East wall from outside The study door from outside, just after being hung.

For comments about the chimney being off the vertical, see the other page.
The east wall, from inside the study. East wall from inside
NE corner The northeast corner.
The north wall, actually a 3½-foot kneewall.

In spite of that duct, there is some good storage space behind this wall. I later installed a light in there.
North wall
NW corner The northwest corner.

The duct work necessitates a triangular box here.
The west wall. West wall
SW corner The southwest corner.

That big black rubber pipe goes from the main air-conditioning unit to a conduit outside. In the finished study, this will all be hidden behind bookshelves.
The south wall. Here you see the main unit of the central air conditioning system for the house's second floor. South wall
SE corner The southeast corner. The east wall here is about 18 inches further into the room than it is at the door, to accommodate (I mean, exclude) that huge intake duct to the a/c.
The ceiling studs. Height, floorboards to ceiling studs, is 7 ft. 4 in. Ceiling
Floor The tongue-&-groove floorboards are seen here as the builder left them 70-odd years ago, though I had to re-lay a lot of them. They are quite good enough for my purposes; though I might eventually apply some floor covering for defense against splinters.