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September 2020


So shall we in the rout of life
Some thought, some faith, some meaning save,
And speak it once before we go
In silence to the silent grave.
                    — George Orwell
The faintest of all human passions is the love of truth.
                    — A.E. Housman
The ordinary modes of human thinking are magical, religious, social, and personal. We want our wishes to come true; we want the universe to care about us; we want the approval of those around us; we want to get even with that s.o.b who insulted us at the last tribal council. For most people, wanting to know the cold truth about the world is way, way down the list.
                    — John Derbyshire

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Note:  Radio Derb is on the air! The July 12th podcast is available at VDARE.com. The transcript will be archived here on the evening of Wednesday, July 24th.

The situation with Apple apps — Apple's app Store, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts — is up in the air. They seem to be trying to deplatform us, but not very energetically or consistently. We haven't given up and will do anything we can think of, technically and legally, to preserve access to these popular outlets. Bear with us, please, while we try to sort things out.
Note:  As of Fall 2015 my sole outlet for podcasts and written online commentary is VDARE.com. The Radio Derb podcast is here, written online commentary here.

VDARE classifies commentary as either blog posts or full-dress articles. My articles are mostly "distilled" by the VDARE editors from Radio Derb transcripts, then cross-posted at the Unz Review. The main exception is my monthly diaries. They are not distilled; you get them direct from my keyboard (although VDARE editors may correct errors).

Reviews and commentary in print outlets are notified to Twitter and my "last 3 months" page, then archived in full (after a decent interval) at my "Reviews" or "Opinions" pages.


I am a writer — novelist, pop-math author, reviewer, and opinion journalist — living on Long Island, New York.

This is my home page. I have archived the content of most of my written work (other than published books) on this website, so that you can get an idea of its scope and quality.

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Other pages accessible from here via the navigation box offer readings of poetry and prose, interviews I have done at various times, an album of family pictures from our marriage onwards, a "virtual attic" of memorabilia and photographs from my own and my family's histories, and any kinds of notes or oddities I feel like storing on my website under "Miscellaneous."

To get in touch with me, please use the email address scrawled (in hopes of foxing the spambots) next to my mugshot at the left here.

Below the line I have put a handful of links to commonly requested pages.

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