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September 6th, 2012

  White People Are Pussies


On a call-in radio program recently, we had been airing my infamous assertion in a Taki's Magazine column back in April that white people should avoid large concentrations of blacks as likely to be dangerous.

A caller-in asked me why I would not be similarly fearful of a large concentration of whites. I made the obvious reply — that the element of racial animus, of black hatred of whites, would be missing. Then I added, off the cuff: "Anyway, why would anyone be scared of a crowd of whites? Whites aren't going to do anything to you. Let's face it, white people are pussies."

The remark passed without comment, but I regretted it none the less. It was, after all, an expression of ethnomasochism — of contempt for one's own people. Having railed against ethnomasochism considerably the past few years, on this and other websites, I really should be more careful what I say about my own ethny.

It's a thought that keeps coming up, though. It came up yesterday when I was reading this story about France's ban on Muslim women wearing the burqa (full-body with face veil) and niqab (shoulder-length face veil).

Following the trashing of that Gypsy camp by French police the other day, I'd been nursing hopes that the French at least were holding out against the tide of pussification. Alas, no — not in the matter of burqas and niqabs, anyway.

Since the law went into effect, 425 women wearing full-face veils have been fined up to 150 euros ($188) each and 66 others have received warnings, said Pierre-Henry Brandet, spokesman for the Interior Ministry. But even the police concede that they rarely enforce it, having no desire to further increase tensions.

(My italics.) Heaven forbid law enforcement officers should "increase tensions" by enforcing the law! And so the Muslims are free to continue insulting French culture and sapping away at French nationhood.

In Britain things are worse, as one of the Muslims in the Times story, a Monsieur M'hammed [sic] Henniche, tells us with satisfaction:

But when he visits London, Mr Henniche said, the first thing he notices is the number of women wearing the niqab walking freely on the streets. "I think, 'Whoa, it's an open country, English people are open,'" he said. "Such tolerance is a good thing."

Well, it sure is a good thing if you're an African or West Asian Muslim keen to escape the poverty, ignorance, intolerance, corruption, and backwardness that your ethny — assisted by your religion — has created in the land of your origin. That it's been a good thing for the native British, who would much prefer to have been left alone in their warm-ale-swilling, rhubarb-chomping, dentally-challenged, eccentrically-plumbed unique foggy culture, is hard to see.

But whose fault is it that the streets of London and Liverpool are now blighted with what expats living in Saudi Arabia refer to as "BMOs" — black moving objects?

Why, it's the fault of the British themselves for letting it happen. You get what you vote for. No native Briton should ever have cast a vote for any party whose platform did not include a clear ban on mass Third World immigration. Why did the British yield on this? Because they're pussies.

The Scandinavians are even bigger pussies than the Brits. Read this, for example, from Sweden.

A Djiboutian who refused to be named in fear of reprisals from his fellow countrymen, said that he left Djibouti on May this year, and came to Sweden via France. There is no work in Djibouti, corruption is rampant, and it's hard to put food on the table there. Life in Sweden is very easy and getting papers is more easier, you don't even have to work to put food on the table, I advised all my friends and relatives to come here, most of them are on the way, five already arrived and sought asylum, two already managed to get Permanent residence permit.

Savor the lunacy there. Given the statistical profiles of sub-Saharan Africans — low averages for paternal investment and IQ, high ones for time preference and criminality — permitting settlement by thousands of Africans is a sensationally dumb idea. Africans from the Horn of Africa, though — Somalia, Ethiopia Eritrea, Djibouti — are Africans squared, with societies even more dysfunctional than the African average, and sensational Total Fertility Rates: 6.26, 5.39, 4.37, 2.63 respectively.

(And yes, I did notice that Djibouti's 2.63 is way better than Somalia's 6.26; but the Djiboutians in that article I just quoted are entering Sweden under false pretenses, claiming to be Somalis, who are the people the Swedes REALLY want! Lunacy upon lunacy.)

The Russians — who, after all, are just Scandinavians in fur hats — are not much better. They may have jailed the Pussy Rioters, but their pussyish response to the takeover of their capital city by an alien mob the other day unmasks their true Scandinavian pussiness.

Of civilized peoples in general, I think it's only the whites that are pussies, and perhaps only white gentiles. I don't know enough about South Asians to give a ruling; but East Asians are not pussies.

To be sure, the Japanese are pussier than their ferocious ancestors, but they don't do collective guilt, and are adamant that the wretched of the earth should stay in their own wretched countries, and not infect Japan with their wretchedness by settling there en wretched masse.

China's an interesting case. I speak here from forty years' close acquaintance with that nation. What you mostly hear about in this context are the fierce nationalism and xenophobia of young Chinese men. That is certainly a key feature of modern Chinese society, and the Chinese today are not pussies.

Among my Chinese acquaintances, though — especially the women — I think I detect the stirrings of some sympathetic guilt about the occupied territories of Tibet and Eastern Turkestan ("Xinjiang"), and about China's quasi-imperialist adventures in Africa. If this guilt were to seep outwards into the society at large, aided perhaps by certain matriarchal tendencies in Chinese culture and history, the Chinese might conceivably join Western whites in pussitude.

And we white Americans? Are we the most pussified of all — the pussies of the world?

That's a thought I don't want to have. That way lies hard, irreversible ethnomasochism.

It's a thought that keeps bobbing up to the surface, though, prompted by some news item or image; or out of the blue, as on the radio that time, too publicly for me to disown it.

I must discipline my mind.