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Ancient of Days



History:  Always fascinating, occasionally worth a comment (usually on the anniversary of something or other).

Religion:  As a lapsed Anglican ("like falling out of a first-floor window"), my comments on religion — mainly on Christianity and Islam — are those of an outsider. My general attitude is that of an unwilling unbeliever: broadly sympathetic to religious feeling and experience, without ever having had much of either myself.

It seems plain to me in any case that religious feeling is a key component of human nature — though of course, like other components, stronger in some, weaker in others, and absent altogether in a few. There is therefore little point in railing against religion, since, at least until the "posthuman future" arrives, humanity is not going to be other than what it is.

Philosophy:  Having no taste for academic philosophy, and having read very little, I really have nothing to say that I don't say under Human Sciences. The heading here should probably be "Other Humanities" or some such.

Date Place Title Topic
June 11, 2015 Taki's Magazine Two Great Wars Very nasty work.
May 14, 2015 Taki's Magazine 300 Years of Prime Ministers De facto if not de jure.
January 8, 2015 Taki's Magazine The Waters That Are Under the Earth Metaphysics, mysticism, and woodworking.
January/February 2014 The American Spectator Occasionalism Isn't Science The problems with Intelligent Design.
November 21, 2013 Taki's Magazine The Stupid Wars The myth of the rational actor.
October 23, 2013 VDARE A White Flight from Christianity? Could it become a ghetto religion?
October 10, 2013 Taki's Magazine The War Against the Past Nathan Bedford Forrest remembered.
September 26, 2013 Taki's Magazine Climbing Mount Appomattox What a lot there is to know about
the War Between the States!
July 25, 2013 Taki's Magazine The View from Nowhere Nutty beliefs and empirical skepticism.
August 8, 2012 VDARE A Curious Anniversary What Abraham Lincoln told the black freedmen.
July 26, 2012 Taki's Magazine Birth of a Civil War Buff One set of lectures and I'm hooked.
March 10, 2011 Taki's Magazine Listening to Louis "Minister Farrakhan" to you.
January 5, 2011 Taki's Magazine Loyalty to the Tribe Churchgoing for functional atheists
September 15, 2010 Taki's Magazine Is Islam The New Communism? If it is, can we proscribe it?
March 16, 2010 NRO Exceptionally Yours Exceptionalism, like fire, needs
    to be kept firmly in its place.
April 28, 2008 NRO A Blood Libel
on Our Civilization
Did Darwin inspire the Holocaust?
December 19, 2007 NRO Attack and Counterattack Do I mock Evangelicals?
September 20, 2007 NRO Islamophobophobia Not much sympathy for Islamophobes.
February 20, 2007 NRO Religion & politics Banned in officers' messes,
    unavoidable elsewhere.
October 30, 2006 NRO Faith FAQ What people ask, what I say.
July 13, 2006 NRO George Gilder, Metaphysician Yet another whack at the creationists.
December 14, 2005 NRO The Sea of Faith Melancholy, long withdrawing roar, etc.
November 4, 2005 NRO Fifth of November Guy Fawkes and his plot.
April 7, 2005 NRO Rearguard Pope Death of John Paul II.
February 14, 2005 National Review But Is It Science? Intelligent Design in
    the Age of Biology.
August 27, 2004 NRO Kaiser Bill and Me WW1 was personal.
May 27, 2004 NRO Seismic 1979 The year the ice cracked.
May 19, 2004 NRO The Ancient Enemy Civilization vs. barbarism.
December 8, 2003 National Review Witnesses: A Greatest Generation
of Anti-Communists
Those born in the 1900s.
November 17, 2003 NRO The Last Christian Nation Forget about them Brits.
September 1, 2003 National Review An Empire Like No Other The British — what else?
August 25, 2003 NRO Affronts and Provocations Against Christians, that is.
August 12, 2003 NRO The Eternal Heresy Immanentizing the eschaton.
January 13, 2003 NRO A Barbarian's Barbarian Attila T. Hun.
August 15, 2002 NRO Vae victis! Plain speaking from Rumsfeld.
August 6, 2002 NRO March of the Godless God-haters storm the capital.
July 26, 2002 NRO Grief and Shame New York's Irish famine memorial.
July 11, 2002 NRO Don't Blame Islam There must be some good in it.
May 3, 2002 NRO The Missing Element Priestly celibacy.
March 6, 2002 NRO Three Historians Herodotus, Sima Qian, and S.D. Goitein.
December 3, 2001 National Review Crusading They Went Godfrey de Bouillon was a Republican.
November 13, 2001 NRO O Valiant Hearts Remembering Remembrance Day.
October 11, 2001 NRO United States of Islam King John was not a good king ….
May 29, 2001 NRO A Day That Will Live
in Infamy
That terrible May 29, 1453.
April 10, 2001 NRO The Jews and I Confessions of a philosemite.
1966(?) Ethic What Rough Beast My first published opinion piece.