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Clowning Around



One of the great mysteries of the human world, to my way of thinking, is how anyone gets through life without a sense of humor. A staggering number of people undoubtedly do, though. These pages are not for them.

Date Place Title Topic
September 12, 2013 Taki's Magazine Oscars Preview Some movies to look forward to.
March 24, 2011 Taki's Magazine Laughter in the Dark May he poop on my knee?
December 24, 2007 NRO Sing-along-a-Derb Those seasonal numbers again.
October 16, 2007 NRO Beijing's Demonstration Sports ChiCom Olympic events.
August 9, 2007 NRO Physicians' Derb Reference A pharmacopœia.
June 2007 [Not published] Slough on the Potomac Sæva indignatio lacerates my heart.
December 21, 2006 NRO Sing-along-a-Derb. More seasonal numbers.
October 11, 2006 NRO Buckley College Staff Meeting. If National Review were a school.
August 8, 2006 NRO If—  (you want to be a true jihadi). Kipling's great poem, adapted.
September 15, 2005 NRO FEMA to the Rescue Orientation course for
    disaster-area volunteers.
June 30, 2005 NRO The International Freedom Center Let Freedom Ring!
December 23, 2004 NRO Sing-along-a-Derb. Some seasonal numbers.
October 27, 2004 NRO The Stars Speak Opinions from the entertainment elite.
September 17, 2004 NRO The Senator from Bray Old English song updated.
December 23, 2003 NRO Sing-along-a-Derb. Some seasonal numbers.
December 3, 2003 NRO Not Fit to Print. My unpublished letters to the editor.
September 29, 2003 NRO Dispatches from
a Real War on Terror
An alternate universe where
    we are really fighting.
September 29, 2003 National Review From "Activist" to "Warmonger" A Devil's Dictionary for our time.
September 29, 2003 National Review The Sacramento Tales California recall, in Middle English.
December 28, 2001 NRO An Abecedarian War Alliteration (and also assonance)
    are addictive.
September 19, 2000 NRO Closing Down Hollywood Trial lawyers turn on showbiz.
January 9, 1996 The Wall Street Journal No Sweat Possibly the only sonnet ever to appear
    in the "Letters" columns of the Journal.