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This page links to all my reviews of nonfiction books relating to China and other Far East countries.

The earliest reviews—earlier than mid-1991—were done under my pen-name, "Giles Mathews." This is a Sinological in-joke: Herbert Giles compiled the first major Chinese-English dictionary (1892), Robert Mathews the second (1931).

Date Place Review Title Book Title Author
February 18, 2018 VDARE A Study Of Unchanged National Character What's Wrong With China Paul Midler
April 23, 2014 The American Spectator Online Chinese Lives Hard Road Home Ye Fu
February 27, 2014 The American Spectator Online American Excess, Chinese Success Unbalanced: The Codependency of America and China Stephen Roach
June 20, 2013 Taki's Magazine The Man Who Blew the Lid off Maoism The Hall of Uselessness Pierre Ryckmans
September 13, 2009 (Not published) Running Out of Bullets Out of Mao's Shadow Philip P. Pan
Spring 2009 The New Atlantis In Search of Chinese Science The Man Who Loved China Simon Winchester
May 28, 2009 NRO Chinese Junk Poorly Made in China Paul Midler
March 2009 The New Criterion A Despot's Verse The Poems of Mao Zedong Edited and translated
  by William Barnstone
August 8, 2008 NRO Will Sport Save China? Olympic Dreams Xu Guoqi
Fall 2007 Claremont Review of Books China Discovers the West The Dragon and the Foreign Devils Harry G. Gelber
August 22, 2005 The New York Sun Henry Luce's Foreign Policy Henry R. Luce, Time,
  and the American Crusade in Asia
Robert E. Herzstein
February 2, 2005 The New York Sun Amateur Totalitarianism Pol Pot Philip Short
November 29, 2004 National Review Despotism's Furthest Shore Under the Loving Care
  of the Fatherly Leader
Bradley K. Martin
September 15, 2004 NRO Zero for Hero Hero A movie directed
    by Zhang Yimou
July 21, 2004 The New York Sun The Flowers of May Fourth A Bitter Revolution:
  China's Struggle
    with the Modern World
Rana Mitter
April 25, 2004 The Washington Times In China, Spiritual Hunger,
State Power Collide
Falun Gong: The End of Days Maria Hsia Chang
April 14, 2004 The New York Sun Selling the Rope Losing the New China Ethan Gutmann
March 22, 2004 National Review Shrewd, But Small Chiang Kai Shek Jonathan Fenby
March 7, 2004 The Washington Times Understanding Chinese Nationalism China's New Nationalism Peter Hays Gries
February 25, 2004 The New York Sun The Devils Before Mao Patrick Lescot
November 12, 2003 The New York Sun China's New Left China's New Order Wang Hui
September 16, 2003 NRO Tibet's Long Agony Tibet, Tibet: A Personal History
    of a Lost Land
Patrick French
July/August 2003 The American Enterprise China vs. Foggy Bottom The New Chinese Empire Ross Terrill
January 24, 2003 The Washington Times Hydraulic Despotism Before the Deluge Dierdre Chetham
November 10, 2002 The Washington Times Interesting Times Four Sisters of Hofei Annping Chin
April 14, 2002 The Washington Times Dream On The China Dream Joe Studwell
November 25, 2001 The Washington Times Finding Chinese Dissidents Bad Elements: Chinese Rebels
  from Los Angeles to Beijing
Ian Buruma
August 12, 2001 The Washington Times China Against the Wall The Coming Collapse of China Gordon G. Chang
April 22, 2001 The Washington Times A Vast Nation Scrutinized Closely Treason by the Book Jonathan D. Spence
December 4, 2000 National Review China and Her Dupes The China Threat Bill Gertz
October 23, 2000 National Review Leninism in Hanoi Ho Chi Minh William J. Duiker
August 20, 2000 The Washington Times Why We Ought to Fear China Hegemon Steven Mosher
February 25, 2000 The National Post (Canada) All Pity Choked Voices from S-21 David Chandler
January 28, 2000 The National Post Hard Luck Story Colors of the Mountain Da Chen
August 3, 1998 National Review Asian Minor The Accidental Asian Eric Liu
March 10, 1997 The Weekly Standard Who China Lost Hungry Ghosts Jasper Becker
February 1991 Literary Review China's Bad Old Days Shanghai Harriet Sergeant
Fall 1988 The American Scholar The Beggars' Democracy Chinese Intellectuals in Crisis Hao Chang
(?) Mid-1985 The Daily Telegraph Three Chinese Sisters The Soong Dynasty Sterling Seagrave
April 30, 1985 The Daily Telegraph Bolthole to Superstar Strategy for Survival Chiao Chiao Hsieh
(?) Early 1985 The Spectator China from Inside and Out Stones of the Wall
To Get Rich Is Glorious
Dai Houying
Orville Schell
January 24, 1985 The Daily Telegraph Stony Ground Shamans, Lamas and Evangelicals:
  the English Missionaries in Siberia
C.R. Bawden
June 22, 1984 The Daily Telegraph "Paradise" Lost Return to Tibet Heinrich Harrer
(?) Early 1984 The Daily Telegraph The "Saint" Beside Mao Chou: The Story of Zhou Enlai Dick Wilson