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Here are all my fiction reviews.

Date Place Review Title Book Title Author
2010 and later
June 25, 2015 Taki's Magazine Doom Fiction Seveneves Neal Stephenson
May 20, 2015 VDARE The Pitiless Dominion of Morons The Disappeared Roger Scruton
April 30, 2015 Taki's Magazine Serving the Tiger Wolf Hall Hilary Mantel
February 5, 2015 Taki's Magazine Identitarian Lit. The Birth of Prudence Ryan Andrews
August 1, 2012 VDARE What Was Once a Nation Sea Changes Derek Turner
August 1, 2011 National Review China's Big Lie Such Is This World@sars.come Hu Fayun
2000 to 2009
February 2008 The New Criterion The Unrecorded Man The Raj Quartet Paul Scott
Spring 2007 The New Atlantis The Half-Bound World The Baroque Trilogy Neal Stephenson
November 2005 (Not published) Magic Flute Without the Music Freddy and Fredericka Mark Helprin
December 3, 2004 NRO Man Is Wolfe to Man I Am Charlotte Simmons Tom Wolfe
September 25, 2002 NRO In Which
Your Correspondent
Reads A French Novel
The Elementary Particles Michel Houellebecq
March 17, 2002 Washington Post
    "Book World"
Entanglements The Varieties of
    Romantic Experience
Robert Cohen
March 15, 2002 NRO Trying Time Machine The movie The Time Machine Directed by Simon Wells
May 20, 2001 Washington Post
    "Book World"
Hugging the Shore The Bay of Angels Anita Brookner
Before 2000
October 10, 1999 Washington Post
    "Book World"
The Storekeeper of Bedley Run A Gesture Life Chang-rae Lee
April 11, 1999 The Boston Globe Then 'twere well it
were done quickly
The Late Mr. Shakespeare Robert Nye
September 28, 1998 National Review Wholly Sanctimony I Married a Communist Philip Roth
September 20, 1998 Washington Post
    "Book World"
When Love Goes Wrong Europa Tim Parks
July 26, 1998 Washington Post
    "Book World"
Reveries of Hanky Panky The Notebooks of Don Rigoberto Mario Vargas Llosa
September 21, 1997 Washington Post
    "Book World"
Currents of Memory A Floating Life Simon Elegant
April 21, 1997 The Weekly Standard Still Life With Nukes Purple America Rick Moody
October 13, 1996 Washington Post
    "Book World"
Textual Politics The Handmaid of Desire John L'Heureux
May 26, 1996 Washington Post
    "Book World"
Food for Thought. The Debt to Pleasure John Lanchester