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Date Place Review Title Book Title Author
August 4, 2019 VDARE Is Boris Johnson Churchill Redux — And Would That Be A Good Thing? Churchill's Headmaster: The "Sadist" Who Nearly Saved the British Empire Edward Dutton
December 18, 2014 Taki's Magazine The Legacy of the Mad Kaiser Kaiser Wilhelm II: A Concise Life John C.G. Röhl
November 20, 2014 Taki's Magazine Ike the Ringer Eisenhower: A Life Paul Johnson
August 22, 2013 Taki's Magazine The Romance of American Blackness The Butler (movie) Lee Daniels, Oprah Winfrey
July/August 2013 The American Spectator Field of Dreams Gettysburg: The Last Invasion Allen C. Guelzo
February 21, 2013 VDARE Why So Little Mention Of
The 1924 Immigration Act?
Coolidge Amity Shlaes
September 2009 The New Criterion In that Dawn The Age of Wonder Richard Holmes
Fall 2008 Claremont Review
    of Books
When Worlds Collide The Great Arab Conquests
God's Crucible
Hugh Kennedy
David Levering Lewis
Winter 2006/2007 Claremont Review
    of Books
The Mad, the Grim, and the Sot Osman's Dream Caroline Finkel
December 12, 2006 The Wall Street Journal A Quiet Man in a Roaring Time Calvin Coolidge David Greenberg
September 13, 2006 NRO Fear of the Horizon Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters Robert C. Davis
October 24, 2005 National Review Big Cheeses La Belle France Alistair Horne
September 1, 2005 The New York Sun What's the Big Idea? Ideas Peter Watson
June 22, 2005 The New York Sun The Beer Tasted Better The Edwardians Roy Hattersley
March 22, 2004 The New York Sun The Unsurprising War Europe's Last Summer David Fromkin
March 12, 2003 The New York Sun A Provincial Enterprise. To Begin the World Anew Bernard Bailyn
Spring 2003 Claremont Review
    of Books
Here We Go Over the Pamirs A Short History of the World Geoffrey Blainey
October 14, 2002 National Review Hiberno-Fascism 1916: The Easter Rising Tim Pat Coogan
September 23, 2002 The New York Sun One of the Witness Generation The Dawn of Universal History Raymond Aron
April 24, 2002 The New York Sun The End Is Nigh At the End of an Age John Lukacs
December 3, 2001 National Review Empire Restored Ornamentalism:
    How the British Saw
    Their Empire
Norman Davies
November 2000 The New Criterion Slim Pickings Berlin in Lights:
  The Diaries of Harry Kessler
edited and translated
  by Charles Kessler
June 5, 2000 National Review Disunited Kingdom The Isles: A History Norman Davies
Before 2000
March 15, 1998 The Boston Globe Whence the English Americans
came, and what they wrought
Albion's Seed
The Scotch-Irish
History of the American People
Florence Harding
Calvin Coolidge
David Hackett Fischer
James G. Leyburn
Paul Johnson
Carl S. Anthony
Robert Sobel
September 21 1997 Washington Post
    "Book World"
Scenes from a Century A Thread of Years John Lukacs