»  From the Dissident Right II

     Essays on the National Question, 2013



From the Dissident Right II is, as its subtitle says, a collection of essays on the National Question written, mostly for VDARE.com, in 2013.


Chapter headings are as follows.

by James Kirkpatrick
What Vdare Does
        Address to the First Vdare Webinar
A Modest Proposal on Politics and Intelligence
        Address to the H.L. Mencken Club
VDARE Articles
Today's "Forgotten Men" — The American White Working Class
On State of the Union Signals — Is Obama's Immigration Enthusiasm Waning?
On Amity Shlaes on Calvin Coolidge: Why So Little Mention of the 1924 Immigration Act?
Jeb Bush Just Doesn't Like Americans Very Much
On Rand Paul and Ann Coulter: Lose Some, Win Some, the War Grinds On
If There Is Hope, It Lies in the Comment Threads
Do We Need More Smart Foreigners?
Guess What? Schumer-Rubio Ignores Collison Course Between Affirmative Action and Immigration
Demographic Disasters — China's and Ours
The Dissident Right's Role — Unearthing "Hate Facts"
On the Origins of the Amnesty/Immigration Surge Bill: Getting to Treason
On "Contact Theory" — Ignorance Is Bliss buy Familiarity Breeds … What Exactly?
The Voter Demographic That Dare Not Speak Its Name
Lowry on Lincoln: A Safe Whiggish Pep Talk for GOP Loyalists — Useless on the Real Issues
The Wonks' War Against the Sailer Strategy
Scandinavian Reserve on Immigration Is Breaking Down
Black Privilege — A Ticket Off Death Row
Worse than America! Lampedusa and European Elite's Suicidal Insouciance
On Abolitionist Porn and Antebellum Economics
Race-Whipped Conservatives and the Stigma of "Racism" — Or: Robert VerBruggen Loves Big Brother!
What Does South Africa Tell Us About the Prospects for a Successful Multiracial State?
Articles from Other Sources
The Church of Somewhere
        The American Spectator
Mankind's Collective Personalities
My Fair Lady T
        The American Spectator
Why Isn't Racism Cool?
The Incredible Talking Weiner
A Requiem for Science
Post-Zimmerman Fallout
He Had a Dream
The Stupid Wars
The City of Brass
Radio Derb
May 4, 2013
October 5, 2013
Premature Immigration Patriots