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I have published seven books, two of fiction and five of nonfiction. One of the fiction books was self-published; two of the nonfiction books were published via the print-on-demand operation at the website VDARE.com; the other four books were all issued by regular publishers (with, for some of the nonfiction books, different publishers for the paperback versions and translations). I have also published a spoken-language CD.

My most recent book, which was published by VDARE.com in July, 2015, has the title From the Dissident Right II: Essays 2013.

Note:  The video wiki ezvid.com has included both my math books in their "Ten Best History of Mathematics Books" list. As at early March 2018, Prime Obsession is at number eight, Unknown Quantity at number nine. The full YouTube clip is here.


Here is a full list: