»  We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism



We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism was published in hardback on September 29, 2009, by Crown Forum, a division of Random House, U.S.A. (New York). A paperback edition was published the following year.

The book is an attempt to recall American conservativism from the blithe optimism into which it has slipped, to summon conservatives back to a darker, more truthful and realistic view of human nature and human affairs.


Chapter headings are as follows.

  1. A Call to Pessimism
  2. Diversity:  Nothing to Celebrate
  3. Politics:  Show Business for Ugly People
  4. Culture:  Pooped Out
  5. Sex:  Surplus to Requirements
  6. Education:  Yale or Jail
  7. Human Nature:  Ask Your Aunt
  8. Religion:  What Shall We Do To Be Saved?
  9. War:  Invading the World
  10. Immigration:  Inviting the World
  11. Foreigners:  Inspecting the World
  12. The Economy:  In Hock to the World
  13. The Audacity of Hopelessness

There is half a page of acknowledgments but no bibliograpy, no endnotes, no appendices, no illustrations, and no index, the book having no pretensions to be scholarly. When I quote some person or book, I identify my source in the text. An index is no more necessary than it would be for a novel. (The only novel I know of that does have an index is Pale Fire — not, in my opinion, a literary model anyone should emulate.) I have, in fact, tried to take a light-hearted approach to the coming apocalypse, so far as it is possible to do so without contradicting my main theme.


I have put up a couple of web pages you can link to from here, or from the navigation box at top right. One is a list of all editions of the book that emerge; the other is a blog where I list some points raised by readers, together with my responses.