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This is the main page for our family album. "Family" here means our nuclear family: Dad (John Derbyshire), Mom (Lynette Rose Derbyshire), daughter (Eleanor Muriel "Nellie" Derbyshire), and son (Daniel Oliver "Danny" Derbyshire). Our extended families are recorded on the "Family History" pages.

The organization is a bit haphazard, though basically chronological. There is nothing here earlier than our marriage in August 1986. Rosie and I then lived in Manhattan for four years. We left the U.S.A. to live in England, 1990-91. Returning to New York in Fall 1991, we lived in Queens for a few months, then bought a house in Huntington, Long Island, in March 1992. We acquired our dog Boris a few weeks later. Nellie was born in January 1993, Danny in July 1995.