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That was the first jigsaw puzzle of 2022, gifted to me by a friend.

In 2022 we are almost-empty nesters. Nellie is still living independently a few miles away. Danny left the Army in 2017, signed up for a business degree at Adelphi University, and graduated at the end of 2021. He was living at home with us for most of that time, but in mid-2021 moved to an apartment of his own a third of a mile away.

My workload hasn't changed. I still do my weekly podcast and monthly diary for VDARE.com, supplemented by occasional articles and book reviews for print outlets. Rosie still works as a Medical Billing specialist.


Here are some photographs from these years. Clicking on a picture brings up a bigger version.

———— 2022 ————
Puzzle solution •  January 1st 2022:  As prescribed by immemorial tradition, Danny placed that one pesky last piece for me.
MJD •  January 25th 2022: New year, new life. This is Michael Joseph DePinto IV, 4 days old, with his grandpa …
MJD •  … grandma …
MJD •  … and Uncle Danny.

Yep: looks like Sir Winston Churchill.
MJD •  In solitary splendor.
Snowbound •  The great snowfall of January 29th, 2022. We got eighteen inches. I had to do a lot of shovelling; but Basil came out to help.
Mother & Child •  Mother and child, Michael now 17 days old.
Myrtle Beach •  Late April 2022: Rosie & a posse of girlfriends escaped for a weekend at Myrtle Beach, SC.   Cue Cindy Lauper.
Danny's graduation •  May 23rd 2022: The nuclear family at Danny's graduation ceremony.
July 4th barbecue •  America the beautiful: two exceptionally goodlooking guys at the Derbyshires' July 4th barbecue.
MJD christening •  Baby Michael will be christened July 17th.
MJD christening •  Baby Michael's great day. He is actually christened as Michael Joseph, the same forenames as his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. So here, a few moments after the actual July 17th christening, are me, Rosie, Michael Joseph IV, Nellie, and Michael Joseph III.
xxxxxxxxxx •  Mike III's family threw a great garden party for us all after the christening. Here are Nellie, Mike III, and Mike IV with the cake (which was delicious).
Botanical Gardens •  For the 2022 Labor Day weekend we took a vacation in the Boothbay Harbor region of southern Maine. Rosie is a keen gardener so a big attraction for her was the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. Here she is communing with a lovely patch of "black-eyed Susan" sunflowers.
Botanical Gardens •  A curious feature of the Gardens is the five huge wooden trolls scattered around in them. Says the Gardens' guidebook: "These trolls were built on-site in 2021 with Danish artist Thomas Dambo's team and help from Gardens' staff and over 150 volunteers. They took around two months to create."

Each troll governs some aspect of the forest trees. Here is Rosie with Lilja, the youngest troll, in charge of the scent of the blossoms.
JD with lobster •  You can't go to Maine and not bring home a lobster picture. Here I am with a framed champion in the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse museum.

(No, the buoy isn't growing out of my head. I just couldn't be bothered to do the necessary picture editing.)
Clambake •  Highlight of the trip: the Cabbage Island clambake! The clams were just a side dish, though. It should really be called a lobsterbake.
Michael's lobster •  We brought one lobster home for Michael Joseph
Grandpa •  Grandpa, Basil, and Michael Joseph IV.
Bruce Lee •  Four and a half years on from my previous meeting with them, the New York area's Bruce Lee enthusiasts invited me to another event. A Hong Kong firm has produced a limited set of extremely lifelike busts of Lee, and one of the local enthusiasts has bought one.

So here I am with Bruce and Angela Mao at Angela's restaurant in Queens; December 3rd, 2022. Angela's aged way better than I have. I need a neck job.
Way of the Dragon •  One of the Bruce Lee enthusiasts works in graphic design and has an appropriate skill set. He made up this montage for The Way of the Dragon and … me. Thanks, Ed.
Xmas 2022 •  Christmas! — well, almost: this is December 22nd. Rosie, Basil, tree.
New Year 2023 •  Seeing in New Year 2023 chez Derb with old friends Louise and Xiaolong Lee.
First 2023 puzzle •  First jigsaw puzzle of the year — a mathematical one. Also a structurally interesting one: the 1,000 pieces are cut from wood. That makes them a bit harder to snap together, but once snapped they stay snapped. I can pick the whole thing up without support, as here.
Super Bowl •  Super Bowl 2023: two football non-fans. No particular offense to Our National Game: soccer sends me to sleep, too.
Alamo •  The last week of March 2023 we spent vacationing in Texas. Here is Rosie with Davy Crockett in front of a very famous building whose name … I can't remember.
Alamo •  Me, with same building and Texas state flag.
McAllister •  Did I make tasteless quips about Mrs Derbyshire being the Yellow Rose of Texas? Of course I did. Did she mind? Not a bit.

Here she is in McAllister State Park, San Antonio.
Audubon •  In early May 2023 we spent a happy weekend with friends in Greenwich, Connecticut. This is me at leisure in the Audubon Center.
Rosie with glasses •  June 2023; my birthday dinner at Bistro Cassis in Huntington.

All right, I'll admit it: I really have a thing for girls wearing glasses. Look at this cutie …
Venice at Dusk •  In May I finally tackled my second Christmas jigsaw puzzle, a 3,000-piecer of Dominic Davison's Venice at Dusk. Finished it June 8th. A worthy challenge!
Coolidge re-enactment • August 3rd 2023 was the centenary of Calvin Coolidge being sworn in as President by his father, a notary public, in the parlor of the Coolidge homestead at Plymouth Notch, Vermont.

We attended the centenary celebrations at the homestead along with a couple of hundred other Coolidge fans. The actual homestead parlor can hold only half a dozen, and in any case the precise time of the swearing-in was 2:47 a.m. on August 3rd … so we skipped it.

There was, however, a gala dinner the evening of August 2nd, which we did attend. It included an on-stage re-enactment, shown here. The part of Calvin Coolidge is being played by Tracy Messer; Coolidge's father is represented by former Governor of Vermont Jim Douglas.
Lake Champlain • August 3rd we did some sightseeing further north in Vermont, mainly at the Shelburne Farms estates on Lake Champlain. The lake's in the background here.
Earth puzzle • Yet another jigsaw puzzle, this one gifted to me by a reader, a veteran puzzler, with a warning that it's harder than he thought.

Yes: it was harder than a mere 1,000-piecer has any right to be. It's a NASA image of the Earth from space showing most of the Western hemisphere and part of the Pacific ocean.

If you look very closely you will see, at just about the center of the picture, that one pesky piece that always defies placement. I'm waiting for Danny to drop by …