»  A Letter I wrote to my mother

    Date: 1955[?]

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  Transcription of Letter

Dear Mummy,
        I received your cards and liked the ship[1] very much. As you can see my writing is very bad. Well, that is because of my uncomfortable position in bed from which I have not been able to move since my operation[2] which was yesterday afternoon. However, I can sit up quite well now despite the fact that my stomach is plastered with bandages through which I can just see my stitches[3] if I lift the plaster up. Thank Judith for her cards and give my love to pop.[4] Well, that's all for now. See you this evening (I hope)
love and kisses from your ever loving son,
        X X X X X X X X X

P.S.  Love to Micky[5]
        X X X X X



  1. I remember that ship. Mum sent me a postcard with a picture of one of the big old ocean liners on it, either the Queen Mary or the Queen Elizabeth.
  2. I had my appendix removed in Northampton General Hospital in (I think) 1955.
  3. In fact they were not stiches but a sort of staple arrangement the hospital was trying out.
  4. That's funny. I never called Dad "Pop." He was always "Dad." I don't know why I wrote this.
  5. Micky was the family budgerigar. There is a small drawing of him at the bottom right of the letter.