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In this part of the Virtual Attic I have stored miscellaneous documents relating to family history. Each link in the table below goes to one document, or set of related documents.

Date Person(s) Description
Mar. 11, 1821 William Paddey Will of my great4-grandfather (mother's mother's father's father's father's father). Second page here.
Mar. 10, 1827 Andrew Paddey Probate of William Paddey's will by his younger son Andrew, brother of my great3-grandfather Joseph Paddey. Affidavit here.
Oct. 3, 1841 John Paddey Birth certificate of my great-grandfather (mother's mother's father).
Apr. 17, 1848 George Paddy Record of a visit to George in Millbank Prison by his wife Charlotte, little John, and baby Charlotte.
Apr. 13, 1868 John Paddey and Mary Ann Jones Marriage certificate of John Paddey to his second wife.
May 31, 1875 Esther Perry Esther Perry's baptismal certificate. (Note that Granny's surname is written "Paddy." See here.)
Dec. 20, 1891 Jack & Esther Knowles Marriage lines.
July 12, 1899 J.R. Derbyshire A copy of Dad's birth certificate.
Dec. 23, 1915 Jack Knowles Jack Knowles' discharge papers
July 2, 1917 Jack & Esther Knowles Letter from Jim Evans at the Western Front.
1919 J.R. Derbyshire Dad's medal cards, from the War Office files.
1922 Tommy Derbyshire Sunday school prize: a copy of Charles Dickens' Sketches by Boz.
Nov. 7, 1929 J.R. Derbyshire A page from Dad's New Zealand diary. "Jean" is Noel's mother.
Jan. 6, 1930 Noel Derbyshire Copy of my brother's birth certificate.
May 28, 1930 Tommy Derbyshire From Uncle Tommy's funeral.
Oct. 23, 1930 J.R. Derbyshire Dad's New Zealand passport.
Aug. 23, 1934 J.R. Derbyshire Dad's membership in the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes.
June 17, 1936 J.R. Derbyshire Letter to Dad from a vendor of fitness equipment.
April, 1944 J.R. Derbyshire Course-completion certificate from St. John's Ambulance Assoc.
Mar. 23, 1946 J.R. Derbyshire A railway ticket of Dad's. He was doing something or other for the Air Ministry in Carlisle, in the far north of England — it's the last town before Scotland. Dad seems to have had lodgings in Stanwix, north-central Carlisle (see his record of military service) and been commuting to Parkhouse Halt a couple of miles north, where there was a big RAF establishment. Mum was at home in Northampton with two squalling brats …
May 20, 1946 J.R. Derbyshire Record of Dad's military service.
1950-1959 Jack Knowles Grandad Knowles' notebook.
1955[?] John Derbyshire A letter I wrote to my mother when hospitalized after an appendectomy.
1955-1956 John Derbyshire School reports, Far Cotton County Primary School.
1956-1963 John Derbyshire School reports, Northampton Boys' School.
1959-1960 John Derbyshire A school prize from Northampton Boys' School: a copy of Isaac Asimov's Only A Trillion. After the first year (i.e. from age 12 onwards) the school's "A" stream was divided into "AS" for the sciences, "AL" for the languages.
1962-2002 John Derbyshire All my British passports.
Dec. 10, 1962 John Derbyshire The only record of my naval career.
Aug. 1, 1966 John Derbyshire My bachelor's degree.
Aug. 8, 1967 John Derbyshire My teaching certificate.
Jan. 22, 1969 John Derbyshire The suicide of Richard Strutt; a report in the Liverpool Echo.
July 1, 1980 John Derbyshire My Postgraduate Diploma in Chinese.
Nov. 15, 1984 J.R. Derbyshire Dad's death certificate.
1983-1996 E.A. Derbyshire Mum's notebooks and diaries.
Aug. 10, 2008 Nellie Derbyshire Long Island Dance Consortium held a show in Hecksher Park. This is a page from the program.
Mar. 24, 2016 R.N. Derbyshire Noel's funeral service.