»  Letter: Wednesday, January 21, 1976

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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J R Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue


John Derbyshire
14 Legion Drive
New York 10595

              62 Friars Av

Dear John,

We received your welcome letter on Monday  It was nice to read about your trip Coast to Coast, it must have been a wonderful experience & well worth the trouble & strain & must give full marks to the old banger. As you say, about the best buy you will ever make.

I am surprised, as you had snow we didn't get any as we usually do but the wind changed from N/E to SoW, right off the Gulf Stream, hence lovely Spring Sunshine very little rain & very nice, but if we don't get some seasonal whether we will be in the cart cropwise. how about 5p that's 1/- old money, for 1 spud. Bacon £1 a pound Bread 3/- loaf, beer 4/6  pint whisky £3-10 bottle. thats because of Common Market Shop Stewards & Politicians. I never thought I would live to see this. It seems as if people have just become insane  Its quite plane what has to be done, but no one will do it. If 3 years ago the Government had done what they are now thinking of doing, we would be sitting pretty now  the same with Ireland  history points out that we will have to get out in the end, as we did in all our former countries of the Empire after doing what we are now doing in Ireland apart from the cost £60,000,000 a year for 6 years & nothing to see for it. We are borrowing Thousnads of Millions of Pounds from the Oil Companies & giving most of it away to our former colonies who turn round & spend it in other countries & none here, thus causing a balance of payments crisis. We just lent India 190,000,000£ & now they are going to charge us for flying the Concord over thier country. From my experience of past I can see years in the future & believe you me I dont like what I see. If we still had our empire we could recover as we had half the world on our side  now we stand alone & with no assets & there is only one way downwards  I hope you dont think I am looking on the black side, these are facts, so whatever you do stay put were you are dont risk not being able to get back.

As you know your Mum is decending on you in June so hold your hat on. thanks for the invitation there is nothing I would like better than to see you & shake your hand but I am proud of you & I am sure you will get on if you look after yourself & who knows I may be spared to see you when you can come here without risk, even if it was my funeral as there is no future here for the young people & I hope you will have your Mum for many years & you can be proud of her. Well I dont know what you will think of my ramblings but as the years roll by, think back & you will see I am right. You never said whether you got our Xmas cards I hope you did. things go on much the same here fumbling along living from day to day everything getting dearer & scarcer & I dread to think what will happen when we have to start paying back the money we have borrowed  I am thinking of diging part of the lawn up & growing some Spuds Beans Peas etc to help out next year. I dont know if I shall manage to. I feel OK but in a morning I have to make an effort to get up when I waken, I just feel as if I want to stay in bed. by the time I have had my breakfast & read the paper I feel OK. I have a good walk & enjoy it, but if it comes to digging I dont know whether I could manage it or not. I think the weather has a lot to do with it. In the summer I feel I could do anything but only thinking about the cold & sitting over the fire depresses me. I never tell Mum as she is always worrying about me so I try to be cheerful for her sake. It will leave a big void in her life when she is on her own & I am learning the Harp up there but I tell she has you & Judith & Noel so she should be OK. in any case once you are gone you are soon forgotten & if there is another place it can't be worse than this.

I am alone as Mum has gone to Judith's as Tessa is having Gymnastics training so no knowing when she will get back  I am watching Wales & England Rugby Match at Twickers. Well I have managed to get to finish after 3 days. There has been a dreadful crime — a little girl, from Judith & Tessa's school was raped & murdered on Sat they gave out on the Radio tonight that they had got the man. Tessa wont go to school as she is afraid  Judith brought her here to stay with us for a few days. I know Mum keeps you up to date on the General news so that only leads me to moan  I hope you can put up with it. As you know it is the one thing left to us old un's. having been through we know what you feel & I think you are working to hard & will burn yourself out, no one will want you then. I dont suppose you have tried Yoga yet. you would be surprised the difference it makes  you can unwind completely in half an hour. do try it otherwise you will suffer later on & always remember a good Bank Balance is still your best friend. Well all for now & I do hope you can read my writing. it gets worse   Wishing you a prosperous New Year

        love Mum  X X X