»  Letter: Saturday, April 24, 1976

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue

Mr John Derbyshire Bsc.
14, Legion Drive
New York 10595

April 24th 1976

My dear Son,

thank you for addresses,[1]  to which I have just written. I have suggested I get in touch with them on my arrival to arrange meetings if agreeable. Won't be long now darling, I can't believe I shall soon be seeing you, only 7 more weeks. Well, Easter was really beautiful, the sun shone for days, though we really are having a drought & water is practically rationed. Pitsford Reservoir is nearly empty, vegetables are scarce & very expensive.

I told you Judy has another fella, Phillip, a Cockney, but seems a very steady & likable chap, hardworking & seems genuinely fond of Tess & she of him. They intend to marry on August 24th. Dad is being bloody minded about it all & will not speak to Phil, calls him a yob & Judith a bitch. As you can imagine son this causes friction between us. Dad is so intolerent & unforgiving. I find it very hard to live with at times. As long as Judy & Tess are happy, I'm content & find Phil a very likable fellow. I spent Easter week-end with them & we went to the Aquadrome on Monday afternoon. There were thousands there, queues for everything & prices outrageous. 15p for a tiny packet of chips we'd have got for a ½ p years ago.

The winds are now very cold but its sunny. The garden is at its best just now but everything will die if it doesn't rain soon. Noel & Robert are coming tonight & staying till tomorrow. I shall get Noel to have a word with Dad, he knows how to argue with him. Judy wants Noel to attend her wedding. She knows Dad won't. Anyway, its her life & they seem very much in love. She says she's had enough of intellectuals. He's done more for her than Allan ever did. I think its time she & Tess had some stability. I've told Dad at his age he should have no bitter feelings about anything, but he still thinks he should run your lives for you. I shall be glad to get away for awhile. Jean Isherwood & Auntie Cis send their love & good wishes & tell me they really envy me coming to you. It might get the end of May before I get my flight No but will let you know in good time. I hope 4 weeks won't be too long for you, I shall be quite happy to potter about, do some cooking for you & Jay I hope, I'm quite good at entertaining myself. Take care my darling. Longing for the 18th. Loads of love,

        X X X X  Mother

        Hows the portrait?[2]



  1. Addresses of hospitals my mother intended to visit during her New York trip, to compare nursing practice & training.
  2. I have no idea what this refers to.