»  Letter: Saturday, May 22, 1976

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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62 Friars Avenue     22-5-76

Dear Son,

Enclosed Card for your birthday hope you have a good time, dont get drunk. you know the old saying "booze in Brain's out," I would to send you a littl present I will think of something I'll send it with Mum: It will have to be something the customs cant levy on if they find it. How about a blonde 50-20-50

By the look of the market it looks as it will be 1 dollar = £1 soon  How are the mighty have fallen in 35 years from 3.94$ to 1£. You should be able to get a new English Car for 1000$ now.

Well I dont know how the weather is there, here we are in the worst drought for longer than I can remember. it like the coal situation, we are an island of coal but cant afford to burn it & an island surrounded by water & not a drop to drink. they are mud bathing instead of sailing at Pitsford  We had a bad drought in N'ton in 1945 when we had the water carts in every street now they are talking of stack pipes in every street. I dont know what has come over the weather  We have been in an Eastern air flow for 2½ yrs. when we can have a warm Sun & a cold day. All our rain comes from West so that is why combined with mild dry winters, so if we come over with a pail it will be water we want. Well your Mum is going to be a credit to you sewing & knitting my wardrobe is a hook behind the door she must have a change for every day in the month & then some. We are all well & hope you are the same

        All the Best


                Mum  X X X


All The Best

        Happy Birthday

                Mum  Dad  X X X X X