»  Letter: Sunday, July 25, 1976

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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J R Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue

John Derbyshire
14 Legion Drive
New York 10595

25/7/76. 62 Friars Av

Dear Son,

I am writing to thank you for looking after Mum & giving her such a good time. She can't stop talking about it & will be reliving it all winter. I understand your boss will be visiting here next month & may give us a call, we would like that. if he does I will ask him if he will take the Gold Watch back & give it to you, as Mum said you would like it, so if he has'nt left by the time you get this ask him if it will be OK.

We are still in a dry spell no rain for weeks yet all around us they are not to bad off. they are rushing a bill through Parliment for authority to put stack pipes in the street & they have'nt enough pipes for every Street so we are waiting with fingers crossed & wondering how far we will have to carry our water, not a very pleasant outlook. As a matter of fact the whole country is about finished, they are only governing with the consent of the Trades Unions. What a state as it the Unions that have put us where we are & they have just passed a bill to take over the docks on the East coast & all ready there are 1,200 dockers every week drawing £57-0 a week for going in each morning & signing on because there is no work for them. They have just passed a bill to save £1,000 millions a year, but they are still going to give our old colonies £460 millions & we have to find that when by a stroke of the pen the could save £460 millions. If I had read in Punch that this is the way to goven a country I could have had a good laugh  what people will think in 50 yrs time I dont know  they will thing we are fools for standing for it.

I have no doubt Mum has told you all about Judith[1]  she must be mad  if it was'nt for little Tessa I would tell her to keep away as I dont want to see her again  I am disgusted with her. did you ever hear the like  when she has the baby he is going to stay at home to look after it while she goes to work. What she does'nt know, little Tessa is taking it all in & she will grow us to do as her mother did. What an example she will end up losing her job, as teachers are 2 a penny now thousands out of work & thousands going through teachers training Colleges. Sorry for blowing my top  I should'nt but you cant talk to Mum, she just shrugs her sholders & says its none of our business. its not her I worry about its Tessa & the effect it will have on her. Well we have nothing to look forward to only Winter & water shortage

Mum says you are thinking about moving to the Far East. good luck to you & just be careful you are at a dangerous age now & likly to fall for a baby face now. Any idea what that will mean  mortgage for 50 yrs so I must warn you. I remember my own life & know what I would do now  just the opposite to what I did  believe me you miss nothing not being married because every night when you go to bed the same thing is there waiting for you whether you want it or not & I can tell you it is'nt long before you hate the thought of it. If you meet any one with a good Bank Roll & she insists you can always leave her when you are fed up  at least she wont want anything off & you can go with a clear mind & no regrets. I hope you know how well off you are so love em: & leave em: & let that be your motto. I enjoyed a nice month  I used to get up early & go for about 4 miles in a morning come home strip off  all I had on all day was an old pair of trousers that I used to do the paper hanging in. nothing else at all, & lie on the swing all day  it was over 90° for 3 weeks  not a cloud in the sky lovely  I wish it had kept on only for want of rain. I have never known weather like it & its still carrying on now only not so hot round about 70° & 50° at night. There seems to be an area from the Welsh Border across the country to the east coast which isnt getting the rain, in all other parts its average rain fall or above. Well I must close  Mum has gone down to see Mrs Lamb. She has been going to bed at about 8 pm & staying till mid day, but I think she is just getting over it & as she had such a wonderful time its worth  so once again for what you did for her & we are both proud of you & wish you all the best of everything

                Love Dad

                  Mum  X X X



  1. Judith would have been pregnant with Marcus at this point. I guess that's what Dad is referring to.