»  Letter: Saturday, August 21, 1976

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue

Mr John Derbyshire
14, Legion Drive
New York 10595

August 21st 1976

I don't know Mary's surname.
I'll write anyway.

My darling Son,

At long last, I thought you'd taken to the hills.!! Thank you for snaps, they're great & bring back so happy memories. Its like a dream now, but I think of you all often. I loved every moment of it. I found the cards love inside a magazine  Next Thursday I have to tell mt "Club" all about it. I'll write to Mary. I am especially fond of her & Jay, both were so kind  Fancy Yeayea calling. I liked her love, what was wrong? I lost Tom's address, but will get it if they call. We had a laugh at you getting up at 5.30 to play Tennis, see what you can do when the "spirit moves". Keep up the good work, it doesn't do to get stagnant. Yes, dear, I was fascinated by "Shogun", what cruelties & subtleties. I read some parts over & over & have put it away for you. I felt sorry for Blackthorne in a way, but was left with the feeling he was content to be what he became. The sexual activities were quite enlightening & I thought I knew it all.!!

The old girl at your bookshop (she must be nearly 90) is trying to get your 4th volume of "Johnson" & Dad will send it as soon as it comes. They don't make Boswell's kind today — do they? I quite like Johnson's philosophy. I think most of us are idle at heart, just take each day as it comes love. You don't mention if you've had any news from Iran, let us know if & when you do. I loved being with you darling & doing little things for you, who knows I may be coming again next year.!! I'm sorry we didn't get to Pennsylvania, perhaps next time. I had a charming letter from Mrs Kettenring at St. John's Hospital & have written back, she wants to keep in touch. A damn silly letter from "White Plains Hospital" was here at home, saying they thought I should look elsewhere for employment, silly buggers, they obviously didn't read my letter properly.

Well, dear, Allan bought Tess back on Thursday. She'd been to Switzerland, Holland, France & Germany, but cried when Allan left. The wedding is on Tuesday. I have made her a pretty long yellow dress & am having her for a few days afterwards. Dad won't come to the wedding. You know how bigotted & obstinate he is. It makes me very sad & miserable, but he doesn't care.

Give my love to everyone, it was great meeting them all. Dear old Mrs Bruno. She saw how much I love you & hated leaving you. Give Thurman — fleas & all — a hug for me. Remember me to the grocer man & the man who wanted the boat. we chatted quite a bit!! Always thinking of you, you shouldn't be depressed love, you are well liked & loved & have so much going for you. Everyone has moods, but there's lots of good things around. Love you.

                X X X X X  Mother

        Special love to dear Jay & Mary