»  Letter: Tuesday, August 31, 1976

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue

Mr John Derbyshire
14, Legion Drive
New York 10595

Aug. 31st  76

My darling Son,

What a week.!! Tom, Ginny & Heather came last Sunday evening & stayed till Tuesday morning. It was great having them but I felt awful as I had planned to do some typical English meals when they came but time was so short. We went to the "Bernie" for dinner Sunday night & shopping on Monday. Ginny bought some lovely China to be sent on by sea, so it was late afternoon when we got home. Judy came & took us over there as I had promised to make 3 trifles for her. We had fish & chips for supper & then Tom had to pick up a boat at Braunston on the Tuesday morning for a few days on the river. I hope you receive your gold watch by the time you get this, Tom had it in safe keeping. I hope you can get it in good working order. I had an idea Great-Grandfather's name was inscribed in it, but it was not. Tom is also bringing your case back.

The wedding[1]  went off very nicely, Judy looked very pretty. Dad didn't come, which rather spoilt things. I had Tess till Saturday. Then took to my bed. I seem to have picked up a bug, first I lost my voice, now I have bronchitis, but Auntie Cis is taking me to say the Dr this evening. I feel "clogged up" & can hardly breathe.

"Little Annie", Mu's Mother-in-law, died on Sunday, she had cancer in her spine & Drs have been saying for months there was nothing wrong with her & Mu thought she was putting on an act when she kept complaining of pain in her back. Makes you think!

I'm just going to write to Ginny & Mary. We've actually had some rain at last, indeed August Monday was typical, it poured all day!! & we are now the proud possessors of a bin full of rain water.!! Whether the garden will ever recover I don't know, we have to wait till Spring to see what has survived. I think of you constantly my love & our lovely time together. Now we have the winter to face. "They've" taken us off our party line & we now have to pay another £1 a quarter on phone rental, that is £8.50. Dad wants the phone out, but I say NO. Still trying to get your book. Tom was very sad to leave his mother, I gather her health is very poor, & I would think financially worse off than us. Tom told us she doesn't always get money he sends her, but he sends cash, so I suggested by cheque as you do. Perhaps you'll put him wise.

        Take care my darling, be happy. As ever,

                Your devoted Mother

                         X X X

Love to Jay & everyone else.
Judy says write you bugger.!!



  1. My sister Judith married Philip Moore, August 24th.