»  Letter: Wednesday, December 29, 1976

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue

Mr John Derbyshire
14, Legion Drive
New York 10595

December 29th

My darling son,

Happy New Year, all over once more, but we really have had a very happy Xmas. The week before Xmas I went to the Hospital & helped Jean with the Outpatients Xmas dinners, we had our club Xmas dinner on the 16th, a staff party at the Day Hospital on the 24th where we got "stoned"  Xmas Day, Phil fetched us, & we had a lovely dinner, turkey etc., & enjoyed watching Tessa with all her presents, getting home about 4.30. The culmination of a happy day was hearing you. I did tell you my love that we should be at Judy's till evening. She was disappointed you didn't ring there as she wanted to talk to you as well. Anyway, we are now anxiously waiting for our second grandchild. On the 26th we were invited to Jean's for a buffet lunch & were there till 3 pm. Dad really seemed to enjoy it all. It was nice to talk a little with Louise & we were very happy to know you had a lovely time together.

Of course darling, I shouldn't dream of making any plans to come without consulting you. You just do as you wish, I can always fit in. We should be delighted to see you of course. We've had one very heavy snow fall, & now we have ice & heavy frost. I went to the shops today, but it is very dodgey walking. Dad is scared to go out since his fall, though he has recovered now. It really upset him, cut & bruised his head, hand & arm & hurt his back. He's no light weight to fall.!! I nearly didn't get up today, it's so draughty & cold here. Jean bought me a lovely warm, red dressing gown, I am going to get some slippers & boots when I go out. Judy bought me a lovely figurine of "Alice in Wonderland" which I had asked for, it reminds me of Tess. Mu bought me a nice pen, Auntie Win £5 — I bought Dad a bottle of whiskey with it. Various boxes of candy & bottles of sherry etc., so we did very well. When Phil & Judy came for dinner on Monday Phil put ½ a Xmas pudding into my hand. I said "I've had many funny things put into my hands, but never ½ a pud before"!!

Did you get our card & letters & snaps I sent you. I have half an Aran sweater knitted for you, but it might be next winter before you get it!! It is very intricate but I think you'll like it — when its finished.!! Did you get your gold chain, do write & tell us all about your Xmas. We never heard from Tom & Ginny. I am worried about this china of theirs. I did write to them about it. Now there's much to look forward to, our baby, Spring coming, seeing you & lots of good things I hope. My wish for you is good health, anything that makes you happy, courage to face problems & love, which we all need to face life, enough money for comfort & to do the things you want.

        Loving you as always

                Mother  X X

        Love to Louise, Jay & Mary & all the nice folks I met.
        I had a card from Mrs Kettenring, St. John's Hospital

                X X X