»  Tom Morgan's "A Marriage"


A Marriage

by Tom Morgan, 1942-


•  Background

Personal-finance guru Tom Morgan is the host of Money Talk, which Tom believes may be the longest-running short feature in the history of American radio — 32 years and counting as at mid-2010 (and now on TV too). Tom also writes a weekly newspaper column.

Along with his other talents Tom is a capable poet. This is the first of three of Tom's poems I shall be posting: the second is here, the third here. The reader in all three cases is the poet himself.


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•  Text of the poem

He never shouted, gave no abuse;
Seized my soul, for his sole use.
Took my compliance, callused my knees,
Took my prayers, my yen to please.

I thrived in my novitiate —
Learned to appreciate
I could best ingratiate
By striving to propitiate.

'Twas my habit to wear a shroud,
To vow to not opine aloud;
Kept chaste, fasted, lopped off my hair.
My lot was students, mass and prayer.

"Offer it up" became my guide.
Thus armed, I took troubles in my stride.
As for passions, mine never surged;
They ebbed. I never felt the urge.

He enriched my days.
He blessed my nights.
I married God;
It's been all right.