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This "Readings" section of the website was originally intended to be a collection of some favorite poems, with sound clips of readings by me. Then I started adding other sound clips I like, and it got more general (and correspondingly less self-indulgent).

It is still mainly clips of me reading poems, though. If I'm not going to recite poems here, I'll be doing it in my car, and here is safer.

Should you feel so moved by any of the readings as to want to pay me for my time and trouble, I have no problem with that whatsoever. If you have a PayPal account, you can send me a donation via the button on my home page. If you'd prefer to mail me a check, get in touch with me via the e-address on my home page. I repeat: I have absolutely no problem with readers and listeners sending in donations.

 Date of reading
Title Author  Reader/Performer 
August 22nd, 2023 To a Fat Lady Seen from the Train Frances Cornford JD
(Mid-1990s) The Whitsun Weddings Philip Larkin Richard Griffiths
April 25, 2023 Elegy in Three Parts Yuan Zhen JD
April 20, 2023 Two Poems about Wang Zhaojun Bai Juyi JD
July 26, 2022 Das Glück ist eine leichte Dirne Heinrich Heine JD
January 4, 2022 Working at Sunset Lynette Rose Derbyshire JD
December 30, 2021 Song of a Bitch Sergei Yesenin JD
1998(?) To His Coy Mistress Andrew Marvell Richard Griffiths
July  22, 2020 Leaving Cambridge Again Xu Zhimo Lynette Rose Derbyshire
June  11, 2020 The War-Song of Dinas Vawr Thomas Love Peacock JD
September 6, 2019 On Returning Home He Zhizhang JD
August 20, 2019 Looking At The Moon And Thinking Of One Far Away Zhang Jiuling JD
April 5, 2019 Pure Brightness Festival Du Mu JD
March 23, 2019 The Glories of Our Blood and State James Shirley JD
January 7, 2019 Chang E Li Shangyin Lynette Rose Derbyshire
December 13, 2016 I Counsel You Beware A.E. Housman JD
November 30, 2016 Mr Shi eats lions (Anonymous) JD
November 19, 2016 Vitae summa brevis spem nos vetat incohare longam Ernest Dowson JD
November 26, 2015 A boat, beneath a sunny sky Lewis Carroll JD
1997 The Owl and the Pussy-Cat Edward Lear Sir John Gielgud
November 19, 2014 The Secret People G.K. Chesterton JD
April 2, 2014 The Street Song from Lady Magnolia (Traditional) Yang Shurui
December 20, 2013 Dog-Walking in the Snow Lynette Rose Derbyshire Lynette Rose Derbyshire
December 20, 2013 Gazing at the Sea Lynette Rose Derbyshire Lynette Rose Derbyshire
December 16, 2013 The Season Turns Lynette Rose Derbyshire Lynette Rose Derbyshire
November 8, 2013 Savoring Autumn Lynette Rose Derbyshire Lynette Rose Derbyshire
November 8, 2013 Evening Walk With My Dog Lynette Rose Derbyshire Lynette Rose Derbyshire
January 23, 2013 A Father's Advice Mark Hanbury Beaufoy JD
December 18, 2012 Grief Elizabeth Barrett Browning JD
November 30, 2012 Remembrance Alexander Pushkin JD
August 26, 2012 Eugene Onegin (extract) Alexander Pushkin (Anonymous)
August 24, 2012 Songs from Seeing Calvin Coolidge in a Dream (2) 孫儀 Frances Yip
August 24, 2012 Songs from Seeing Calvin Coolidge in a Dream (1) 麗風 Frances Yip
May 7, 2012 Lovely Kingsley Amis JD
May 7, 2012 Shitty Kingsley Amis JD
May 2, 2012 Eenling is die mens gebore I.D du Plessis Elizabeth Nieman
January 6, 2012 To the Tune of Picking Mulberries Xin Qiji (Unknown)
November 11, 2011 The Waves (extract) Boris Pasternak (Anonymous)
July 30, 2011 Drinking Alone Under the Moon Li Bai JD
April 28, 2011 The Battle of Maldon (Anonymous) Prof. Michael D. C. Drout
April 7, 2011 He Fell among Thieves Sir Henry Newbolt JD
April 5, 2011 The Green Eye of the Yellow God J. Milton Hayes JD
April 4, 2011 Abou ben Adhem Leigh Hunt JD
1932 Ain't It Grand To Be Bloomin' Well Dead (English traditional) Leslie Sarony
March 6, 2011 The elegy  "Multas per Gentes" Gaius Valerius Catullus (Unknown)
November 7, 2010 Hortatory verse (3):  If— Rudyard Kipling JD
November 7, 2010 Hortatory verse (2):  Say Not the Struggle Naught Availeth Arthur Hugh Clough JD
November 7, 2010 Hortatory verse (1):  A Psalm of Life Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Jim Cooke and Patricia Busacker
1997 To a Mouse Robert Burns Donald Douglas
November 7, 2010 The Highwayman Alfred Noyes JD
November 6, 2010 The Lion and Albert Marriott Edgar JD
June 10, 2010 Carminum III.xxvi "Vixi Puellis" Quintus Horatius Flaccus JD
June 10, 2010 Diffugere nives A.E. Housman JD
June 10, 2010 Carminum IV.vii "Diffugere nives" Quintus Horatius Flaccus JD
June 9, 2010 Carminum II.xiv "Eheu fugaces" Quintus Horatius Flaccus JD
May 9, 2010 The Bomb on 42nd Street Tom Morgan Tom Morgan
May 9, 2010 The Fun in My Head Tom Morgan Tom Morgan
May 9, 2010 A Marriage Tom Morgan Tom Morgan
May 8, 2010 Vitaï Lampada Sir Henry Newbolt JD
1960 Non, je ne regrette rien Charles Dumont Edith Piaf
March 31, 2010 Madrigal: My Thoughts Hold Mortal Strife William Drummond of Hawthornden JD
March 13, 2010 The Land Rudyard Kipling JD
March 13, 2010 We'll Go No More A-Roving Lord Byron JD
January 22, 2010 When a Beau Goes In Gavin Ewart JD
January 15, 2010 Stars and Planets Norman MacCaig JD
November 3, 2009 Here Dead We Lie A.E. Housman JD
June 26, 2009 Die Beiden Hugo von Hofmannsthal JD
June 23, 2009 The Jolly Company Rupert Brooke JD
June 23, 2009 Slim Cunning Hands Walter de la Mare JD
May 31, 2009 A Valediction:
Forbidding Mourning
John Donne JD
May 16, 2009 The Lover in Winter
Plaineth for the Spring
(Anonymous) JD
May 3, 2009 The Vanity of Human Wishes Samuel Johnson JD
Apr. 29, 2009 The Tenth Satire of Juvenal translated by John Dryden JD
Apr. 24, 2009 Satura X Decimus Iunius Iuvenalis JD
Feb. 28, 2009 I Lost My Proud Poplar Mao Tse-tung JD
Feb. 23, 2009 The Twenty-Third Psalm King David JD
Feb. 21, 2009 Elegy Written
in a Country Churchyard
Thomas Gray JD
Feb. 12, 2009 At Night Frances Cornford JD
Dec. 13, 2008 To the Tune of Like a Dream Li Qingzhao Jie Fertig
Dec. 13, 2008 Every Note, Adagio Li Qingzhao Jie Fertig
Dec. 9, 2008 Dover Beach Matthew Arnold JD
Nov. 18, 2008 The Garden of the Golden Valley Du Mu JD
1973 The Cunt Sketch Peter Cook and Dudley Moore
Nov. 17, 2008 Meditation on
Some Fixed-Point Theorems
Nov. 14, 2008 Opus 118 Anne Knish JD
1998 The Odyssey Homer Peter Jones
Nov. 12, 2008 On Growing Old John Masefield JD
Nov. 11, 2008 O Valiant Hearts John Stanhope Arkwright The Chapel Choir
of the
Royal Hospital, Chelsea
Nov. 10, 2008 Julaften Sigbjørn Obstfelder Truls Ovrum
Nov. 8, 2008 Life Gets Teejus, Don't It? Carson Robison Carson Robison
Nov. 7, 2008 Sometimes in
the Middle Autumn Days
George Orwell JD
Nov. 3, 2008 The Isles of Greece Lord Byron JD
Dec. 18, 2007 Night Mooring at Maple Bridge Zhang Ji JD
2007(?) Hamlet Boris Pasternak (Not known)
Feb. 3, 2007 Villanelle: "It is the Pain…" William Empson JD
Feb. 3, 2007 Winter William Shakespeare JD
Jan. 2, 2007 I Remember, I Remember Thomas Hood JD
Sept. 28, 2006 I Am John Clare JD
Sept. 11, 2006 New Approach Needed Kingsley Amis JD
July 27, 2006 Late-Flowering Lust John Betjeman JD
July 25, 2006 Ode to a Nightingale John Keats JD
July 25, 2006 The Sergeant's Weddin' Rudyard Kipling JD
July 24, 2006 The Canterbury Tales Geoffrey Chaucer JD
July 12, 2006 The Three Fishers Charles Kingsley JD
July 12, 2006 A Birthday Christina Georgina Rossetti JD
July 12, 2006 Norfolk John Betjeman JD
July 12, 2006 Leda and the Swan William Butler Yeats JD
July 12, 2006 To the Matterhorn Thomas Hardy JD
May 1, 2006 Tao Te Ching, Stanza 21 Lao Tzu JD
May 1, 2006 Paradise Regained John Milton JD
May 1, 2006 Felix Randal Gerard Manley Hopkins JD
Apr. 18, 2006 Imagination Dead Imagine Samuel Beckett JD
Feb. 17, 2006 This Be The Verse Philip Larkin JD
Feb. 15, 2006 Drake's Drum Sir Henry Newbolt JD
Feb. 9, 2006 The Song from Cymbeline William Shakespeare JD
Feb. 3 2006 The Gods of the
Copybook Headings
Rudyard Kipling JD
Feb. 3, 2006 Go, Lovely Rose Edmund Waller JD
Dec. 22, 2005 On the Death of Dr. Robert Levet Samuel Johnson JD
Dec. 20, 2005 In the Workhouse: Christmas Day George R. Sims JD
Nov. 30, 2005 The Aeneid Virgil JD
Nov. 25, 2005 Magna est Veritas Coventry Patmore JD
Nov. 25, 2005 Robert Bruce's March
to Bannockburn
Robert Burns JD
Nov. 25, 2005 Heraclitus William Cory JD
Nov. 25, 2005 Danny Deever Rudyard Kipling JD
Nov. 24, 2005 Doctor Johnson's Letter
to Lord Chesterfield
Samuel Johnson JD
Nov. 24, 2005 A Slice of Wedding Cake Robert Graves JD
Nov. 24, 2005 Lessons of the War (1) Henry Reed JD
Nov. 23, 2005 The Burial of Sir John Moore
after Corunna
Charles Wolfe JD
Nov. 23, 2005 Tithonus Alfred, Lord Tennyson JD
2001(?) A Song of Valediction:
Dreaming I Roamed
on TianMu Mountain
Li Bai Sun Daolin
1970(?) La Route est Dure Richard Holmes (?) Georgia Brown
1930(?) Terence, This Is Stupid Stuff A.E. Housman James Mason
1930(?) On the Road to Mandalay Rudyard Kipling Peter Dawson
1930(?) Parted Frederick Weatherly(?) Peter Dawson
1930(?) Eternal Father, Strong to Save William Whiting Peter Dawson
1930(?) Route Marchin' Rudyard Kipling Peter Dawson
1930(?) When the Sergeant-Major's
On Parade
Ernest Longstaffe Peter Dawson
1930(?) Auld Lang Syne Robert Burns Peter Dawson