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This page contains links to family photographs of Derbyshires and Knowleses, including me, from 1986 onwards. Excluded are photographs of my wife and our kids. They are in the "Family Album" web pages.

Mum at home My mother suffered a stroke in 1987. It didn't affect her mind, but she lost some muscle control on her left side. After hospitalization at St. Edmund's and a physical therapy spell at Ecton Brook, she went home to 62 Friars Avenue, where this was taken in, I'd guess, 1988.
Peggy and Mum In mid-1990 Mum decided she could no longer look after herself and the house, so she moved to Lister House, an old folks' home in Kingsthorpe. The place was owned and run by an ex-nurse, Peggy Lister. This is Peggy with Mum in the garden at Lister House, summer 1991.
Mum with Coolidge When Seeing Calvin Coolidge in a Dream was published to good reviews, Mum called the Northampton newspaper. They ran a brief story, with this picture.
Mum in her room A picture of Mum taken in her room at Lister House by one of the staff and enclosed in a letter to me dated Feb. 23, 1997.
Mum's last picture The last picture I have of Mum, taken in the sunroom at Lister House, Easter 1997. I fancy she is waving goodbye. "You don't miss your water till the well runs dry. / You don't miss your loving Momma till you hear her last goodbye." Too true.
Tessa, Kesta, Tully Tessa and her (then) two children, Kesta and Tully, got themselves in The Guardian, an English national daily newspaper, in the summer of 1999, as part of some series of articles about stay-at-home mothers.
Greys Fiona and Steve Grey, with their children Natalie and Edward, in the mid-2000s. Fiona was Fiona Lambert, daughter of Beryl Lambert, formerly Beryl Buckley, daughter of Nell Buckley, formerly Nell Knowles, my mother's older sister. Fiona is, in other words, my first cousin once removed.
Noel on parade My brother Noel always marches in the Remembrance Day parade, held every year in London on the Sunday closest to November 11. This was taken at the 2006 parade. Noel is at the left, with two old comrades.
Bride & groom My nephew Marcus Moore got married near our home town, Northampton, on March 29, 2008. I wrote up the event for my May 5 "Straggler" column in National Review. Here are Marcus and Nicola, groom and bride.
Marcus with Jack Also taken at Marcus' wedding. Here is Marcus with his son Jack, aged I think 4.
Judith and Phil Also taken at Marcus' wedding. My sister Judith with Phil, her husband.
Tessa with Kezzie Also taken at Marcus' wedding. My niece Tessa with Kezzie, her eldest, aged 12.
Paul and the boys Also taken at Marcus' wedding. Tessa's husband Paul McLeish with their three boys:  Tully at back, Wolfie and Caden in front. Tully is 10, Caden 7, Wolfie 4.
Judith and Noel Also taken at Marcus' wedding. My sister Judith and brother Noel.
Tessa, Judith, Robert Also taken at Marcus' wedding. A McLeish (my niece Tessa), a Moore (my sister Judith), and a Derbyshire (my nephew Robert, Noel's older boy).
Siblings T-t-talkin' 'bout my g-generation … Here is my generation of Derbyshires: My sister Judith, me, my brother Noel. Also taken at Marcus' wedding.
Auntie Mu My aunt Muriel, 91 years old and going strong. This and the next two are from a visit I paid on March 30, the day after Marcus' wedding.
Uncle Fred Uncle Fred Littlehales.
31 Prestbury Rd The house Muriel and Fred have lived in for as long as I can remember: 31 Prestbury Road, in the Aston district of Birmingham.
Mu & Fred This was taken by Tessa during her visit to England in August 2008. Auntie Mu is 91 at this point, Uncle Fred 87.
Noel on Armistice Day My brother (in the light jacket) and some other old soldiers, refusing to fade away. This was taken at the Armistice Day service in London, actually November 9, 2008.
Lindsay's bump My cousin-once-removed Lindsay Sirignano is expecting a baby in the spring of 2009. The scans tell them it will be a little girl, and they have provisionally named her Lily. Here I am at the baby shower on February 21st, with Lindsay and Lily.

(Lindsay's maternal grandfather was my mother's brother Jack.)
Lily Sirignano Lily Sirignano finally decided to join us in early June 2009 (I don't have the exact date.) Here she is at her first Christmas.
Sirignano family Lily was followed a few months later (10/23/2010) by Beckett.
The Derbyshire siblings This and the following three pictures were taken in Swindon, England on November 9th, 2013. My brother Noel and his wife Dorothy had been married for 60 years on November 7th, so we had a Diamond Wedding party for them.

Here are all three siblings — me, Judith, Noel — with Dorothy.
You've got mail By tradition, couples celebrating a Diamond Wedding get a greeting card from the Monarch. Dorothy just opened the envelope.
ERII's letter Text inside the Queen's greeting card.
The Derbyshire siblings Noel and Dorothy with their two sons, Peter and Robert.
Cousin Janet and family Cousin Janet with daughters Alison Brown and Joanne Nasr and their children: Ayman Nasr (17), Jacqueline Brown (14), Sarah Nasr (19), Faris Nasr (13), and Catherine Brown (19). This was taken on vacation in Antigua in Summer 2014.