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This part of the Virtual Attic is a repository for all photographs of Derbyshires and Knowleses. I have included photographs of myself up to 1986, when I got married. After that, all photographs of me, my wife, and our kids are in the "Family Album" pages.

Categorizing the photographs into manageable groups was a bit of a headache here. The obvious thing is just to list the photographs chronologically. However, there are two problems with that: (1) In many cases, I have only the vaguest idea of a photograph's date, and (2) Surviving photographs tend to come in clusters around a single date, e.g. Dad's New Zealand photographs from 1928-31. At last I have just done my best, with a major division by date and a minor one by subject.

Date Subject
Pre-1931 All surviving pictures, excluding Dad's New Zealand ones.
1928(?)-1931 Dad's New Zealand pictures.
1931-1942 From Dad's return to England in 1931 to my parents' marriage.
1943-1958 From my parents' marriage through my own childhood to the late 1950s.
1959-1971 The 1960s, approximately: From my late childhood through to the time I left England for Taiwan in Summer 1971.
1972-1982 The 1970s, approximately: From my going to Taiwan in Summer 1971, to my taking a job in mainland China in October 1982.
1982-1986 Photographs from my year teaching in China (academic year 1982-1983), and family photographs from 1983 to my marriage in August 1986.
From 1986 on Photographs of Derbyshires and Knowleses (other than myself, my wife, and our kids) from 1986 on.